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At Cactus Energy, our aim is to make renewable energy accessible for all, and that’s why our service solutions are bespoke to each individual and their property’s needs.

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200Kw Solar PV | Installed February 2021




At Cactus Energy we provide a wide range of renewable energy solutions to suit your property’s needs. Shifting towards renewable energy has never been so easy and affordable. Protect yourself from rising energy costs and provide yourself with a greener future. 

Renewable Energy Services

Our expertise lies in our ability to provide bespoke renewable solutions. With an extensive range of renewable technologies at our fingertips, we can design the perfect energy system for your home or business.


Solar PV offers one of the simplest routes to saving money and becoming eco-friendly.


Whether you’re re-charging at home or at work, we can offer a convenient, cost-effective solution for you.


Air- and ground-source heat pumps provide reliable, renewable heating all year round.
Being able to store excess energy until you are ready to use it is a step towards greater self-sufficiency.

How can we



Did you know that the business sector is the largest consumer of power in the country, buying around 56 percent of all the UK’s electricity? Improve your corporate social responsibility with our greener solutions.


As a home-owner, you will know that rising energy costs are a growing burden. Switching to cleaner, greener power in your own home. has never been so easy. Find out more how we can help you.

About Us

Here at Cactus Energy, we know that the transition to renewable power is inevitable. It’s not a question of if, but when. Not only are renewables vital in reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change, but they will eventually become the only option for energy production. While solar and wind energy are getting cheaper by the week, oil and gas are getting more and more expensive. One day, they will run out completely.

We all need to be a little more cactus!

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