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At Cactus Energy, our aim is to make renewable energy accessible for all, and that’s why our service solutions are bespoke to each individual and their property’s needs.

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200Kw Solar PV | Installed February 2021




At Cactus Energy we provide a wide range of renewable energy solutions to suit your property’s needs. Shifting towards renewable energy has never been so easy and affordable. Protect yourself from rising energy costs and provide yourself with a greener future. 

Renewable Energy Services

Our expertise lies in our ability to provide bespoke renewable solutions. With an extensive range of renewable technologies at our fingertips, we can design the perfect energy system for your home or business.


Solar PV offers one of the simplest routes to saving money and becoming eco-friendly.


Whether you’re re-charging at home or at work, we can offer a convenient, cost-effective solution for you.


Air- and ground-source heat pumps provide reliable, renewable heating all year round.
Being able to store excess energy until you are ready to use it is a step towards greater self-sufficiency.

How can we



Did you know that the business sector is the largest consumer of power in the country, buying around 56 percent of all the UK’s electricity? Improve your corporate social responsibility with our greener solutions.


As a home-owner, you will know that rising energy costs are a growing burden. Switching to cleaner, greener power in your own home. has never been so easy. Find out more how we can help you.

About Us

Here at Cactus Energy, we know that the transition to renewable power is inevitable. It’s not a question of if, but when. Not only are renewables vital in reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change, but they will eventually become the only option for energy production. While solar and wind energy are getting cheaper by the week, oil and gas are getting more and more expensive. One day, they will run out completely.

We all need to be a little more cactus!

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From start to finish, it was as very smooth process. Cactus Energy kept us informed all the way and you achieved what you promised. Tom did a great job. Big thank you to all of your team!
Ben Farr
Ben Farr
After contacting 5 different Companies for quotes, Cactus were the most informative and easiest to work with whilst being very price competitive without compromising on quality. Tom is always available to talk to and provides an excellent level of service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any renewable energy projects.
Philip Horne
Philip Horne
I heartily recommend Cactus Energy, because Tom is a star. He’s clearly very knowledgeable about what he does and he likes to share that knowledge. What I really liked about my experience with Cactus is Tom arrived with detailed plans of what it would look like. Talked me through the design choices and talked me out of going to far to soon! Then he gave me the quote and left me to make the decision. He didnt try and push the sale, he didn’t waffle on, he got to the point, gave me a chance to ask questions and left 🙂 Instead he showed his persistence in making sure I was happy, he got the workmen out quickly, made sure I was set up and helped me set up the data stick I was having trouble with. He was punctual with his replies and always happy to help. I plan on using Cactus Energy for all my green energy needs now and am happy to have a contact I can trust about all things energy 🙂
Chris Pepper
Chris Pepper
As with most projects, we typically get 3 quotes to compare prices and services. Tom gave us two proposals based on our actual need and also what could be physically installed on our house. Both ended up lower than the other quotes whilst offering a better package. Once we gave the go ahead, everything happened rapidly and smoothly with excellent communication from Tom at all stages. It took only 3 weeks from quote to generating. Would highly recommend.
Sandy Reid-Peters
Sandy Reid-Peters
if you want to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about this is the only place to go. i have a complicated system and Cactus provided me what i needed. Tom was amazing in setting up the system that went in very quickly and i now have futher reduced bills that i can monitor from my app! many thanks Cactus
louaz hofton
louaz hofton
There is a lot of confusing information out there regarding solar panels, but Cactus made everything so simple and easy to understand – fantastic experience from start to finish with Cactus. Very informative, professional and cost-effective.
Martin Francis
Martin Francis
We used Cactus Energy to supply solar panels for all of our residential and commercial properties. We had a professional service from start to finish with every project. I couldn’t compliment them higher as a company. We are really happy with the savings we are now receiving as a consequence of the work undertook. Thomas especially stood out, due to his professional approach from start to finish.
Daniel Forrester
Daniel Forrester