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At Cactus Energy, we place sustainability at the heart of everything that we do. We use our expertise in the industry to create bespoke renewable energy solutions to meet our client’s energy goals. Whether it be to reduce your carbon footprint, minimise costs, or become less reliant on the grid. All of our products and services come with the mission to help individuals and businesses reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Our services

Solar Energy

Solar PV offers one of the simplest routes to start saving money and becoming eco friendly. 

Battery Storage

Store any excess energy until you are ready to use it. Moving forward to become a self sustainable property.

Heat Pumps

Heat your home with our Air/Ground source heat options and be energy efficient all year round.

EV Charge Points

Whether charging at home or at your business, we offer the best EV charge solution for you.

Our Mission: Be more cactus

The full install took less than 1 day and Cactus Energy took care of all the planning and other applications that needed to be made, we also have a monitoring system in place so we can track our daily income”
Lakeside Cattery
“Overall we couldn't be happier with our dealing with Cactus Energy, and we look forward to continuing on reducing our carbon footprint with them.”
The Peppers
“I would recommend Cactus Energy for the installation of solar panels. An extremely professional company and who are east to work with. We will definitely use them when we install panels on our other buildings.”
Phoenix Sealing

The future is in your hands

At Cactus Energy, we offer a full range of services, including Solar Panel systems and installations, Battery Storage solutions, Air / Ground Source Heat Pumps, and Electric Vehicle Charge Points. Our extensive range of products and services allows us to provide bespoke solutions to suit your property and individual requirements.

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