The “Greta Effect”

Thanks to the increased awareness of environmental issues within the general population, otherwise known as the “Greta effect”, climate action is becoming an important part of politicians’ and governments’ agendas. World leaders must begin to implement policies that will transform our methods of energy generation and consumption, transport and industrial production in order to protect our natural world. 

Changes must suit the specific requirements of each nation. The UK’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has created our own plan, which concludes that reaching Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 is “necessary, feasible and cost-effective”. They propose a radical policy change which enforces producing four times the current amount of low carbon electricity; creating efficient and low carbon buildings; rolling out electric vehicles by 2030; launching a carbon capture and storage program; and replanting 27,000 hectares of forest across the nation. 

At Cactus Energy we focus on the use of energy within properties. We urge companies across all sectors to make a significant movement towards carbon neutrality. To do so, we provide detailed recommendations aligned with the UK Green Building Councils framework.


A Framework for Low Carbon Buildings

1. Reduce your operational energy use 

a. Improved efficiency of appliances and machinery 
b. Better insulation and draft proofing 
c. Monitoring behaviours leading to excessive energy consumption
d. Increased energy management systems 

2. Increase your renewable energy supply

a. Micro-generation of on-site renewables
b. Switch to a renewable energy provider 

3. Offset any remaining carbon

a. Any remaining carbon can be offset using an offsetting framework

Although the full framework was designed for new-build properties, the steps shown above are easily achieved in retrofit and are crucial if we are to meet our targets of net carbon neutral by 2050. We therefore are committed to providing solutions for our clients across all three steps in the framework and can help transform your property into a carbon neutral building of the future.


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