How To: Make the Most of Your Solar Panels

Your shiny new solar panels have just been installed and you’re already generating your own free, clean electricity. Things are off to a great start, but you’re wondering how you can make sure you’re gaining the greatest possible benefits from your new renewable energy system. Well look no further. We’ve compiled our top tips on how to ensure your solar panels are operating at maximum efficiency and bringing you maximum savings…

Tesco plotting UK superstore solar rollout programme

Tesco is planning a major rollout of solar on the roofs of its stores in the UK, Solar Power Portal can reveal.

Alongside its in-house market research team, SPP has identified at least five planning applications to install solar on the roofs of Tesco superstores in Nottingham, Lewisham, Sheerness, Martlesham and Yeovil, indicating that the rollout is countrywide and not consigned to any specific geography.