Myths about Solar Energy...

The number of new Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations continues to grow as property owners realise the many benefits of turning sunshine into energy savings. We wanted to share with you frequent questions we get asked and break the myths about Solar Energy.

1. Solar Panels do not work without an abundance of sunshine

Solar panels work in sunny, cold and even cloudy environments, because what they need is light! The technology behind solar panels allows them to work effectively and efficiently in cooler temperatures.

Did you know that in Germany, a country not particularly blessed with long sun filled days, meets up to 50% of the nation’s daily energy needs from solar power. Germany’s long-term shift to cleaner energy has made its economy the world’s largest to rely so markedly on renewable energy.

2. Installing Solar is quite complicated

Every property is different, but a typical household installation only takes half a day. 

3. Solar Panels require a lot of maintenance

Solar panels are constructed in a way that allows them to withstand harsh weather, including hail and sleet. It is recommended Solar panels need to be cleaned with water twice a year or to remove any accumulated dust or debris or snow, making them very low maintenance.

4. Solar Panels can damage your roof

Not when installed correctly. In fact, in many instances solar panels actually extend the life of a roof. Every solar installation is different and Facility Managers and property owners may worry that installing solar panels could make holes in the roof, but Solar Panels actually can benefit your house by protecting and preserving your roof. Professional Installers are trained to address almost any roof type with well-tested techniques, special materials and tools designed to maintain roof integrity.

5. Reselling your home will be harder to resell.

Homeowners, now more than ever, are becoming more concerned about the environment as well as their energy bills and therefore Solar on a home can actually be a selling point and enhance the value of your property.

6. Solar Panels are unsightly

That really depends on personal taste. At Cactus Energy we offer a range of solar panels, from JA Solar to in-roof systems and bespoke solutions.

7. Solar power is still too new. Better wait until it's been proven

Solar Panels have been around for decades. Solar power is here to stay, we know it works and the sooner you install it, the sooner you start saving. 

8. Solar power is just for houses

False, Solar panels work great on houses, but if you run a business and you’ve got the space, then they will work just as well for you. In fact, many companies will have more space than the average home, either on their roof or on other land where they can install solar PV systems, and within their premises to install battery packs. So, they may be able to make bigger savings while also giving back to their community and lowering their carbon footprint.  

Still have questions?

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