Cactus Energy is proud to be partnered with the incredible climate action charity Protect Our Winters […]
Electric vehicles (EVs) have been making headlines. In celebration of the first ever ‘World EV Day’ […]
Meet the nation that’s been running almost entirely on renewable electricity since 2015. Costa Rica is […]
It’s been a big week for climate. With the MET Office predicting UK temperature spikes of 40C in coming years, aircraft manufacturer Airbus announcing plans to cut 15,000 jobs and Boris Johnson pledging to ‘build a more beautiful Britain’, how to navigate out of the Covid crisis whilst tackling the climate crisis has been at the forefront of public consciousness.
The number of new Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations continues to grow as property owners realise the many benefits of turning sunshine into energy savings. We wanted to share with you frequent questions we get asked and break the myths about Solar Energy.
Solar panels have set a new record for electricity generation, providing nearly a quarter of the demand.
Thanks to the increased awareness of environmental issues within the general population, otherwise known as the “Greta effect”, climate action is now at the forefront of politicians and governments agendas across the world
She recently attended a secretive Google Camp climate change conference in Italy. Now Katy Perry is taking the next step to do her […]