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Discover our latest renewable energy projects and how we are helping our customers,
residential and commercial, reduce their carbon footprint.

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Neptune HQ

Neptune is one of the UK’s largest furniture companies. With stores and offices up and down the country, they are leaders in beautiful homemaking.


Neptune is on a mission to reduce their environmental impact and we were more than happy to help. This impressive 200 kW solar panel system we’ve just installed on their HQ in Wiltshire will offset over 42 tonnes of CO2 each year!

Eco Barn Conversion

The owners of this old piggery have taken a blank canvas and turned it into ‘the house they always wanted’.


The 4-bedroom bungalow features in-roof solar panels, battery storage and a ground-source heat pump. Next, the owners plan to install an electric vehicle chargepoint, linked to their solar panels, to provide free fuel for their car!

St John's Church

St John’s is a local church with a family atmosphere. Cactus Energy installed a 3.9 kW solar panel system, complete with battery storage, to give the church greater control over its own energy storage and usage.


St John’s will save almost £300 on their annual electricity bills and even make money from the surplus electricity they sell back to the national grid!

Glebe Farm

The 50 kW solar panel installation at Glebe Farm has become an attraction in its own right, serving as a talking point for the many families that visit.


As well as generating their own free energy, Glebe Farm can sell some of their electricity to independent on-site tenants and use the funds to help keep the farm running.

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